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Another Castle is the geekiest (mostly) women’s choir in Helsinki, Finland. We draw our inspiration from fantasy, sci-fi, videogames, anime, films, etc.

Our first rehearsals were held on the International Women’s Day, 8 March, 2014. From early on, it was decided that the choir should be accessible to everyone, which means that anyone interested in geeky music can join us!

Although the choir doesn’t have entrance exams, we are constantly striving to challenge ourselves musically. Since 2014, we have developed a solid repertoire of songs from various fandoms, genres, and musical styles. All our arrangements are done by our choir members, and the styles of our songs range from folk music to pop tunes and even techno!

Our first performance was in a private event in September 2014, only six months after the choir was founded. During the years, we have performed in both intimate family gatherings and big concert venues. We’ve done regular gigs at Espa Stage in central Helsinki, as well as at various conventions and other sci-fi, fantasy, and gaming related events. 

In summer 2017, we performed to an international audience at Worldcon Helsinki, together with our choir sisters Riverside Castle Choir from Turku, Finland. We were so overwhelmed by all the positive feedback that we decided to organize our first gig outside Finland at Worldcon Dublin in 2019. 

In 2015 our small performing group Side Quest was founded. Side Quest is a good choice for smaller events that might not fit an entire choir. In the last few years, Side Quest has performed at various intimate gatherings, such as weddings, graduation parties, etc.

You can book us for big public events as well as small private gatherings using the form below. 

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Another Castle -kuoro. Kuva: Mikko Mikkola
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